The BIM Spot'19

by ITeC

Industry Arena 

BIM product and service companies, seminars, networking and presentations of BIM products at a single venue

The meeting point for professionals from the sector who
still haven't implemented the  BIM (Building Information Modeling), LEAN and IPD.

A space providing knowledge that also had an exhibition area for companies specialising in this technology. 


The BIM Spot in detail: 

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Talks & debate forums

Programme of talks - Schedule: mornings
A comprehensive programme of talks was enable professionals to rapidly acquire the knowledge required to get started with this methodology, differentiating between the various aspects of the technology and the process, outlining its implementation and providing useful examples of its application to current projects. These sessions were held in the mornings, from Tuesday to Friday, and were last a maximum of 45 minutes.

Debate forums - Schedule: afternoons
To complement the above, debate forums were programmed to cover aspects related to the change pursued by the construction sector, mainly based on its far-reaching digitalisation, as well as the implementation of highly collaborative work systems. In addition to BIM, these aspects included LEAN and IPD. These forums were attended by both public and private companies, as well as significant figures from the sector and pioneers in the application of the new methodologies.

The active participation of the visiting public were sought to promote knowledge exchange and debates on the most interesting topics. These forums took place in the afternoons, from Tuesday to Thursday.

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Exhibition zone

Exhibition area

With a broad representation of BIM product and service companies: BIM consultants, software and application developers, BIM catalogue manufacturers and training centres, among many others.


Networking area

Foros de debate

A venue for meetings and business for all the companies and professionals in the BIM sector.

An area for sales presentations

An area for sales presentations

An area set aside to enable interested BIM companies to showcase their commercial innovations to the visitors to the exhibition.

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