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In the Meeting Area we promoted new ways of networking to boost new contacts and new business opportunities in a globalised sector.

With Interiors Lovers as its main event, this area served as a interviews with commercial agents, a press corner and a specialist bookshop.

Meetings Arena Agenda 2019

Meetings Arena, in detail

Foro Contract

Interiors Lovers

Two days of meetings with professionals from the interior design sector from the perspective of both closely related fields or very different ones such as Retail, the Contract, Living space and Office work spaces.

The Activity was organised by the Association of Interior Designers of Catalonia (CODIC). 

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Specialized Library La Capell


A space in charge of an specialized library with a bibliographic archive of over 10,000 national and international titles on architecture, urban planning, interior design, construction, art and design.

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Interview with commercial agents


BBConstrumat gived free scheduled interviews between companies and commercial agents of the construction sector. The activity was aimed to the exhibitors who were looking to boost their business sales in Spain.

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Press corner

press corner

The Press Corner was open to all visiting professionals. This is an area where they can meet up and have a look at and get copies of the leading, specialist Spanish press in construction and architecture fields. 

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Advice on internationalisation


ACCIÓ, the company competitiveness agency, created a consultancy service for Catalan companies undergoing internationalisation and innovation processes. Support for foreign companies seeking to develop their business in Catalonia.

Barcelona Building Construmat '19 was organized over 4 Arenas:



Main exhibition space representing the sector's entire value chain.

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A dynamic and experiential format where visitors could access the sector's main international advances.

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A discussion forum for understanding the future as an opportunity for growth

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New networking formats to promote new business opportunities and internationalisation.

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