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Aerial Insights


Aerial Insights uses drones and proprietary technology to provide the most advanced meassuring and tracking tools of the market. We generate precise topographical reconstuctions in hours, at a fraction of the cost, without technical complexity and fully integrating into your current workflows. Our end-to-end services have already processed hundreds of thousands of hectareas in 21 countries.

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At HONEXT, our goal is to change the way we build our future. That's why we've created a new generation of high-end, plant-based recovered materials, with a completely circular processing model. We collect cellulose waste from the paper industry and process it locally to transform this compound into a fibreboard. How do we do it? Our innovative process is inspired by nature, using enzymes to bind cellulose fibres together. The result is a robust product with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

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"CIVIGNER is a technology-based company that has developed a WEB CAD GIS 3D platform that has an application in industrial processes, civil engineering, construction, mining and ultimately in any process that needs CAD GIS 3D tools to design, build and manage technical processes and projects. It provides a work environment via the website that allows several people to work in a collaborative environment in projects in which it is necessary to handle graphic information from various sources, among them autoCAD and Microstation. We work with DWG files natively (Autocad is not required) and it is also ready to load GIS files in any format. We also cater for access to data via the web. In this way, an engineer can work on a CAD/AEC project and share it in the cloud. We offer a real-time 3D environment that works in a simple web page. It is not necessary to install anything, nor to have high-performance equipment, nor a high-speed Internet connection. In addition to the proposed innovation, a user-friendly interface and an important set of diverse utilities aim to offer a very productive and intuitive alternative. This solution that we propose is aligned with Industry 4.0 needs as far as everything related to digitalisation is concerned in the industrial, construction and civil engineering sectors."

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Deep Solutions


DeepSolutions ( provides visual detectors for a number of applications. PIX2MAP ( specializes in aerial imagery and offers a free photogrammetry tool generating orthophotos, upon which visual detectors are applied to extract actionable information. One success story is the enormous cost reduction of photovoltaic power plant maintenance, thanks to Deep Learning.

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"Daarwin is an online software that, through the use of inverse analysis of the data obtained with the instrumentation on site in real time, obtains a reliable representation of the behaviour of the terrain, thereby maximising profitability and minimising the risk in construction projects by anticipating geotechnical uncertainties

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Sablono GmbH


Sablono's online platform is designed for work coordination and data analytics in large construction projects. It's used by general contractors and other members of the supply chain to improve the entire construction project, from planning to commissioning. Sablono is also used as a production system for prefabricated bathrooms and façade panels.

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"Do you want to digitize your construction projects? Attend our session to learn how to go paperless and automatically list, organize, prioritize, document and complete finishing tasks through a demo of our app with a Finishing Tasks feature."

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Architects and property developers need to understand that in order to present their projects and assets, full of details and technicalities, in private meetings, they have to take a step forward and forget old formats such as Powerpoint or traditional static media. Architects need a visual medium for their discourse that is consistent with the technological advances offered by the audiovisual sector. Professionals in the construction sector and developers need tools that improve communication with the final customer (future owners) during the construction period of an asset that represents one of the largest investments they will make in their lives. The audiovisual monitoring of the work allows the different phases of a construction to be displayed and to know how from the comfort of the office how the project is developing.

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New World Wind designs, manufactures and distributes a unique biomorphic Wind turbine in a shape of a tree. The WindTree is specially designed for smart cities to catch urban wind, from its slightest breeze and produce local Electricity. Besides, New World Wind has recently produced the first hybrid eco friendly solution, the Windbush, combining Wind Power and Solar Power.
Contrary to big windmills, the WindTree and the Windbush are silent and goodlooking in an urban environment.
The WindSolutions (WindBush, WindTrees) are designed to be planted in parking lots, on the side of the roads or even in your backyard.

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Steinn Kapital


"We are a participative technological platform. Steinn Kapital is a construction company that uses alternative financing such as collective investment to promote the construction and/or refurbishment of different buildings. Thanks to this alternative financing, purchasing power can be given to small investors who until now could not invest in the construction sector."

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"Passiv house Conception sarl specialises in the construction and sale of PSE blocks. Blocks manufactured in France by a company with more than 30 years of experience and allowing a perfect insulation and waterproofing of the house. They are designed to resist earthquakes and there is no need for heating or air conditioning; the temperature will always be between 19 and 23°C. The blocks are fully in line with the passivhaus standard. They are some of the first blocks that have 45- and 95-degree angles, which prevents the waste of air. We distribute to construction companies, architects and individuals who wish to build their own house. We are also builders of houses and buildings with this concept."