Sustainable Solutions'19

by Evowall & Arquima

Industry Arena 


Sustainable Solutions was an initiative of Evowall and Arquima, with the support of BBConstrumat. Both offer sustainable and industrialized building construction, achieving the standards of the Passivhaus certificate.

With a total exhibition space of 475m2, Arquima and Evowall built 2 residential buildings of 70m2 and 90m2. Both houses were real projects that were exhibited temporarily in this area. At the end of the fair they were relocated to their final spaces and were certified by the Passivhaus Institute.

In the houses it was possible to observe the different phases and constructive layers from the structure to the finished house.


Examples of bespoke prefabricated homes. Photos provided by Arquima


Examples of bespoke prefabricated homes. Photos provided by Evowall

Exhibiting companies that collaborated in Sustainable Solutions:

· Amorim/Rover Parquets (pavimento de corcho de Arquima).

· Benito Urban (Mobiliario urbano)

· BGV Mobles de Cuina (cocina e interiorismo vivienda Evowall).

· Cosentino (fachada y pavimento vivenda Evowall y encimeras de cocina de ambas casas).

· Ecocero (paneles acústicos vistos).

· Energiehaus (Certificación passivhaus).

· Fontalgar (instalaciones)

· Grassoler (sofás y alfombras para las dos casas)

· Grúas Caballer (vehículos especiales para el transporte y el montaje de las casas).

· Jung (mecanismos y domótica).

· Kingspan Insulation (aislante térmico).

· Knauf Insulation (aislante térmico).

· Knauf (placas de yeso laminado).

· La Capell (mobiliario).

· Lorstucs (fachada rebozada Evowall).

· Lorstucs (fachada rebozada Evowall).

· Maderas Martinez (Parquet Evowall).


· MCZ – Bosch Marín (Chimenea Arquima).

· New World Wind (electrical generator tree using wind energy).

· Panasonic (HVAC and ACS).

· PiveteauBois + Vive la Madera (fabricante + distribuidor en España del revestimiento de fachada de madera)

· Pladur® (plasterboard).

· Progetic (energy study).

· Roca (bathroom products including tiling, finishing, toilets and accessories).

· Sika (reflective Sarnafil film and silicones).

· Simon (lamps, mechanisms and domotics).

· Solar Profit (placas solares casa Evowall).

· Solomat (Arquima kitchen).

· Sorigué (exterior paving).

· Weru (windows and door).

· Weber (Evowall acrylic façade).

· Zhender (controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery).