2019 Talks Arena

Congress "Logics of innovation and change"

A look to the future...

Towards an expanded construction of architecture

"Towards an expanded architecture based on innovation, experimentation, responsibility and motivation to meet the future needs of society and the planet"

The logics of architectural design and construction are in continuous adaptation to the context in which they operate. Their systems of methods and principles are expanded to face challenges such as climate change, technological disruptions, economic and geopolitical collapses, and demographic movements, among other major global changes.

Therefore, in 2019 edition of Arena Talks we reviewed the most significant phenomena affecting our society, in order to use them as a way of rethinking and presenting other spatial, functional, professional, social and cultural logics that are geared towards an expanded conception of architecture.

Curator: Ricardo Devesa D Arch, Chief Editor of Actar and urbanNext and lecturer at the IAAC.

Meet our speakers

Ingrid GuardiolaIngrid Guardiola

Realizadora, productora i ensayista cultural catalana.

Gilles DelalexGilles Delalex

Arquitecto | Studio Muoto

Alejandro HaiekAlejandro Haiek

Director | Lab-Pro-Fab

Lola SheppardLola Sheppard

Profesora y Arquitecta | Lateral Office / Brackett

Mar SantamariaMar Santamaria

Arquitecta Urbanista | 300.000Km/s

Areti MarkopoulouAreti Markopoulou

Arquitecta | iaaC

Javier García – GermánJavier García – Germán

Arquitecto Director | TAAs Totem Arquitectos Asociados

Roger TudóRoger Tudó

Arquitecto | Harquitectes

LLuis OrtegaLLuis Ortega

Arquitecto | JL-Office

Enric LlorachEnric Llorach

CEA Globalcampus

Anna CochoAna Cocho

UIC Barcelona School of Architecture

Víctor NavarroVíctor Navarro

Arquitecto| Langarita-Navarro

Magdalena PlociekiewiczMagdalena Plociekiewicz

Responsable de Marketing y Comunicación | Acieroid

Fernando VillaFernando Villa

Director de Edificación y Tecnología|Sagrada Familia

Miquel LacastaMiquel Lacasta

Dr. Arquitecto | Archikubic

Gianpiero VenturiniGianpiero Venturini

Fundador | Itenerant Office

Marina RomeroMarina Romero

Director | Marina Romero

Tomás DíezTomás Díez

FabLab Barcelona

Aixa Del ReyAixa Del Rey

Socia Fundadora | Flexo Arquitectura

Felipe de FerrrariFelipe de Ferrrari

Arquitecto | Plan Común/ OnArchitecture

Bruno SauerBruno Sauer

Arquitecto | Green Building España

Kathrin Golda Kathrin Golda Pongratz

Arquitecta | Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Roger PaezRoger Paez

Dr. Arquitecto / Director MEATS | AiB arquitectes

Sonia Hernández MontañoSonia Hernández Montaño

Arquitecta | Arquitectura Sana

Marta BurgésMarta Burgés

Editora y Responsable de Contenidos | UrbanNext

Fabienne HoelzerFabienne Hoelzer

Fabulous Urban

Mario CarpoMario Carpo

Historiador y crítico de arquitectura.

David BasultoDavid Basulto

Editor | ArchDaily, Plataforma Arquitectura


Five logics for expanded architecture

Special logics

Construction is one of the most polluting industries; so, how can this industry mitigate the effects of climate change? How are these affecting the project strategies that create and construct architectural spaces?

Photo: Danakil Desert, Ethiopia | ©Jordi Bernado

Functional logics

Faced with the total urbanisation of the planet, with an obsolete legacy of the built park and faced with the constant reformulation of the activities that buildings house; how are buildings able to adapt, be resilient, sensitive and receptive to changes in use?

Photo: Mexico City | ©Jordi Bernadó


Professional logics

How will the construction of architecture be affected when disruptive and innovative technologies, such as robotics and Artificial Intelligence are used in the industry? How does architecture and its construction take advantage of increasingly advanced and high-performance materials?

Photo: Mexico City @Jordi Bernado

Social logics

Faced with unstoppable migratory movements, the increase in the price of the floor and the impoverishment of society; what proposals are being implemented to accommodate affordable living environments without discrimination? How is architecture responding to such social changes?

Foto: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Lagos | ©Jordi Bernado.

Cultural logics

Faced with obsolete and inappropriate world views of global challenges, what cultural narratives, theoretical proposals and pedagogical actions is the discipline developing? How are the new narratives being created and how are they disseminated?

Foto: Jimmy Wales, London | ©Jordi Bernadó

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